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Hair flogger

150 EUR

Hair flogger is made from real, silky soft, natural brown hair. Tease your partner, braid it for stress relief…or wear it as a bag accessory to hint those other hair enthusiasts what you’re into.

One size
The length of the whip: 40 cm (16")
Color: Black/dark brown
Material: Leather, natural hair

Each piece is made to order in our little studio in Tartu, Estonia and will be ready to ship in a week.

XAOS is a leather accessory brand created in 2015 in Estonia. The main inspiration for our
items comes from fetish world which makes them bold and fierce. We don´t take the word
„fetish“ too literally… or then again- that is exactly what we do! All those obsessions,
addictions, beliefs and everyday habits that we have, those fetishes, is what inspires us.