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Clutch "Good Hair Day"

298 EUR

A real statement piece. Matte leather clutch with a long hair tail. Wear it to satisfy a hair fetish of running your fingers through and feel the tactile sensation of silky hair, or just creep out some people. The pleasure and attention will be all yours.
Hidden magnetic closure and additional pocket with zipper inside.
Without lining.

Length of the hair 55 cm (22.7")
Color: Black
Material: Leather, metal zipper, hair

Each piece is made to order in our little studio in Tartu, Estonia and will be ready to ship in a 3-5 business days.

XAOS is a leather accessory brand created in 2015 in Estonia. The main inspiration for our
items comes from fetish world which makes them bold and fierce. We don´t take the word
„fetish“ too literally… or then again- that is exactly what we do! All those obsessions,
addictions, beliefs and everyday habits that we have, those fetishes, is what inspires us.